Home Technology Specialists of America (HTSA), the industry’s foremost international trade consortium of premium residential technology retail and custom integration specialists, and energetic source of education and training for the world’s leading CI industry members, today announced Lightapalooza 2022, an unprecedented, intimate three-day educational event created to provide a highly unique opportunity for top custom integrators and 17 leading lighting segment manufacturers to connect, share ideas one-on-one and engage in conversations strictly around the dramatically-growing lighting category. Lightapalooza 2022 will be held February 22-24 at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. A dedicated Lighting event exclusively for the custom integration channel, where attendees can collaborate and share knowledge and best practices with peers and manufacturers, is the backdrop for Lightapalooza which includes:

  • 8 hours of Lighting Fundamentals Training
  • 16 hours of Lighting Design Workshops
  • 8 hours of Expert Panel Discussions and
  • Nearly 24 hours of Manufacturer Training Sessions

Lighting Guru Peter Romaniello (Conceptual Lighting, LLC) will be joined by fellow lighting luminary David Warfel, and HTSA’s Tom Doherty, Director of Technology Initiatives and Keith Esterly, Chief Learning Architect, to lead and facilitate engaging learning and business growth activities.

“Lighting is by far the fastest and largest growth category for the HTSA members and our industry at large,” Tom Doherty said. “We recognize that lighting integration, control, fixtures and wellness lighting can be mastered best by in-person by discussions, sharing experiences and live engagement. HTSA was the first organization to bring expanded lighting solutions to dealers such as fixtures. These are now a key area of success for our members as a natural extension of lighting integration and control. We had to think out-of-the-box on how to bring these folks together live in short order and are thrilled to host Lightapalooza in just 60 days since conception of the event.”

“We’re excited to bring these communities together, and to have a lighting event solely devoted to the category,” said Jon Robbins, Executive Director for HTSA. “We strive to help HTSA members and industry partners accelerate their sharing and growth in lighting and to have relevant solutions to satisfy today’s homeowners. We have intentionally kept Lightapalooza 2022 very personal and intimate so all participants can enjoy quality conversations and leave with fresh ideas for their businesses. As such, the event has limited space and educational sessions are already 98% full.”

“Lightapalooza is an important next step on our path that began in 2017 when we introduced entirely new categories to the industry such as specifying and installing lighting fixtures, wellness lighting and more. We have come a long way together and as an industry, in just a few short years and we look forward to inaugural event and evolution of the category,” Robbins concluded.

HTSA’s first-ever Lightapalooza is scheduled for February 22-24, 2022, at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. To preview the event, visit www.lightapalooza2022.com. For more information, contact Tom Doherty at tom@htsa.net.