From the climate crisis and pandemic to the Ukraine war and the associated shortages of raw materials – the current crises are also a crisis in the globalized world. The topic of “deglobalization” characterizes this year’s IFA+ Summit. On September 5th, under the title “In the Face of Disruption. De/Globalization – The Universal Remedy” offered a wide range of assessments and attitudes.

In the IFA think tank, national and international experts come together under the proven motto “THE NEXT LEVEL OF THINKING” to discuss the opportunities and risks of deglobalization and to provide scientific and philosophical classifications. Political decision-makers and futurologists outline concrete application scenarios.

The first speakers have been chosen


Dr. Reinhard Zinkann is on stage at this year’s IFA+ Summit. He is Executive Director and co-owner of the Miele Group, founded in 1899, the world’s leading premium manufacturer of household appliances. In addition to economics and business administration, Zinkann studied history, music history and philosophy in Freiburg, Boston (Harvard) and Cologne.


The German philosopher, cultural scientist and publicist Peter Sloterdijk will be speaking at this year’s IFA+ Summit. With his contributions and books, he triggered numerous debates in Germany. In 2005 he wrote the book “In the world interior of capital: for a philosophical theory of globalization”.


Prof. Marcel Fratzscher will take a critical look at the concept of deglobalization. He is President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), Professor of Macroeconomics at the Humboldt University in Berlin and, among other things, a member of the High-level Advisory Board of the United Nations on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The content of his work focuses on topics of macroeconomics and financial markets, inequality, globalization and European integration.

The IFA+ Summit 2022 will be moderated by Geraldine de Bastion and Daniel Anibal Bröckerhoff. De Bastion’s work has focused on digital transformation, international cooperation, innovation and human rights for the past 18 years. Bröckerhoff lives and works in Hamburg and Hanover as a journalist and moderator for linear television, digital moving image content and innovative events.