Time for a breakthrough, IFA Berlin announces a panel discussion on diversity at IFA 2022.

Why has gender equality in the tech industry currently still not evolved? And what does that mean for diversity goals in general?

Those are questions that a discussion panel entitled “Diversity in the Technology Industry, Spotlight on Gender Equality – How to walk the talk?” will examine on 2 September at 3 p.m. at the Marshall Haus. Following the discussion, which is due to last around 30 minutes, the audience will be invited to join the debate, pose questions and present their own ideas in order to promote gender equality and diversity in an industry that permeates and shapes our everyday lives like no other.

Taking part in the discussion will be Bidisha Nagaraj, VP Global Marketing, Home & Distribution Business, at the electronics group Schneider Electric; Carine Lea Chardon, Director Consumer Division and Managing Director Consumer Electronics and Media Networks Sections at Verband der Elektro- und Digitalindustrie (ZVEI); Lisa Meissner, co-founder and CEO of the online shop Mersor and spokeswoman for the Berlin Startup Association; and Lana Wittig, managing director of the online magazine EDITION F.

IFA Berlin

Moderating the panel discussion with the audience will be Lea Jordan, co-founder of the industry platform techtalk travel. In her view, it is important to emphasise that the concept of diversity goes far beyond gender diversity and the question of gender equality in certain functions. “Diversity covers the entire spectrum“, says Jordan. “At this panel discussion we will focus on gender inequality in the tech industry and management positions.“ The reason is that although the topic has been discussed and researched for many years, companies appear to have made little progress.

Among the questions the panel will discuss are: How can the tech industry walk the talk? What needs to happen in order for more women to break into the tech industry? How can we view diversity from an even broader perspective? And how are global headline topics such as the energy crisis, political crises and sustainability influencing diversity issues?

The panel discussion is supported by BMC & Most Wanted:Music.

From the IFA Newsroom. Original article can be viewed HERE