Anthony Cotignola is the COO at Audio Video Systems Inc. (AVS), which has been a leading audio/video source since 1977 in Plainville, N.Y. After attending Pace University and San Diego State University, he partnered in an electrical contracting company briefly before opening his own low voltage company specializing in residential alarm and AV from 2001-2005. At AVS he has held positions as a technician, PM, salesperson, director of operations and VP before being named COO in December of 2021. Connected Design spoke with him to find out more about his start in technology, his favorite installs and his go-to solutions.

What made you decide to go into technology?
“Technology has always been a second language to me. Even as a child, without any previous experience or knowledge, I always seemed to be able to figure out how to connect equipment together and how to operate electronics. It was natural for me to gravitate to an occupation that involved electronics and technology and it has always been where I am happiest.”

What is your favorite product or solution right now in the industry? 
“I am currently really into the wellness movement, and more specifically the lighting aspect of it. I really appreciate the way lighting can change how you feel about a space and what effect it has on us. I love bringing this to our clients and seeing how they react when they finally ‘get it.’ The emotional aspect of it is very powerful!”

What is the best part of your job?  
Cotignola: “The best part of my job is that every day is different. As integrators, we are constantly presented with new challenges. I really enjoy working with the rest of our team at AVS to come up with solutions to these challenges and seeing how everyone on our team steps up each and every times.”

What has been your favorite installation to date?  
Cotignola: “To date, my favorite installation was a project that we did in the US Virgin Islands in 2016. The site was breathtaking and it was a very large scale project. There was a lot of integration and motorization and it was very rewarding to see everything come together when complete. It was very challenging and construction was actually interrupted by a hurricane at one point. That said, since it was completed I’m proud to say that the only service we have had to do in that time is annual preventative maintenance. A true testament to our design and installation techniques.”

What is one fun fact about you that isn’t industry related? 
Cotignola: “One of my favorite hobbies is DJing. I was a DJ growing up and although I no longer do it professionally, I still have a set up at my house and I enjoy spending time doing it!”