For nearly three decades, The Epicenter has been revolutionizing the world of music by delivering powerful, rich bass tones that bring life to every genre imaginable. But it is among the fans of Mexican music and culture where The Epicenter has become a beloved symbol of excellence in sound, with the authentic and powerful bass it brings to the mix. 

To celebrate this special connection between Mexico and its music, we are proud to present The Epicenter Edición México. Featuring the iconic colors of the Mexican flag – green, white and red – adorned with vintage-style native glyphs and illuminated in a vibrant tricolor logo, The Epicenter Edición México maintains the renowned sound quality and unmatched bass restoration that have made The Epicenter an integral part of listening experiences worldwide.  

Accompanying every unit, a certificate of authenticity with matching serial number will provide customers with peace of mind, knowing that they’ve received an authentic AudioControl Epicenter Edición Mexico.  

The Epicenter Edición México reflects our dedication to creating products that enhance music lovers’ listening experience. We firmly believe that this special edition of The Epicenter will offer fans an immersive and truly unique experience, enriching their enjoyment of the music they know and love – now with a distinctive Mexican flair!                                            

Additionally, this product is offered at an affordable price point of $199.00 MAP ($279.00 MSRP) making it accessible to customers of all budgets. 

We are now accepting preorders! To ensure that our customers have access to this exclusive product, orders will be capped at 10 pcs per account/store location—so don’t wait! This item is intended for brick-and-mortar retailers only, not to be sold online. 

For more information about The Epicenter Edición México or any other products, please contact your AudioControl sales rep or visit our website.  

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