IPORT, the award-winning manufacturer of products that transform iPad into residential and commercial control interfaces, is proud to announce that they are now shipping solutions to support all current iPad models.

With the continued adoption of iPad for home automation and corporate deployments, IPORT has been dedicated to helping transform iPad into a powerful tool by designing minimalistic and sleek protective systems to hold, charge, and protect iPad, whether for portable use or permanent installations. 

IPORT CONNECT PRO includes the familiar components from IPORT’s legacy LAUNCH product line: a BaseStation, WallStation, and a Case. With the ability to install a BaseStation on a tabletop or flat surface or mount a WallStation onto a solid surface or wall, CONNECT PRO provides the ability to wirelessly charge and magnetically mount iPad into any residential or commercial application. 

IPORT Surface Mount permanently integrates iPad onto a wall or solid surface in key areas of residential and commercial deployments. The bezel enclosure is comprised of precision-machined aluminum and is minimally designed to virtually disappear around iPad and blend in with the design of any space while ensuring that iPad is always reliably powered and accessible.

“We are incredibly excited to share that we are now shipping solutions to support all current iPad models to our customers” said Mike Sonntag, IPORT senior vice pcresident. “We continue to see iPad transforming the user experience every day and we are very excited to continue to grow our product line up to support our customers.”