As everyone is feeling the heat, it’s the perfect time to go out and grill. It couldn’t be simpler with the multitude of smart grills on the market. These smart appliances eliminate the need to fiddle with the temperature or constantly shift your food to get an even cook.  

Lynx, professional grills, has a highly rated SmartGrill, which connects to the customer’s phone to give immediate updates on the state of the food. This allows inexperienced chefs to become instant grill masters. I know that when my dad was learning to grill there were many times, we had to scrap the charr off of steak or sit down to a dinner of blackened but still raw chicken. 

Lynx’s SmartGrill is unique because it has voice activation, three cooking zones, an online database with recipes and uses MyChef. A handy safety feature is after 30 minutes of no instruction, the SmartGrill will automatically shut off, so you will never have to worry about forgetting to turn off the grill.  


The SmartGrill app has an online database of recipes that includes reviews and will help you step by step. After choosing a recipe, it will tell you the ideal temperature and will tell you when to flip or remove your food. It displays the temperature of each cooking zone and sends you notifications, so you don’t have to stay outside while waiting for everything to finish. Best of all, it has an algorithm that will learn you and your family’s’ preferences and adjust cooking based on the data it retrieves. 

The biggest downside is the cost, at a whopping $8,309.00 it is an investment piece. While grills are, in general, a luxury item, this price is definitely not accessible to most. However, within this growing smart grill market there are options for smaller and less tech savvy grills equipped with Wi-Fi. With just a couple more weeks of summer, it is time to get grilling.