continues expanding upon the power and range of artificial intelligence in the home through an integration with Olibra, makers of the Bond Bridge family of products. Focused on bringing IoT connectivity to devices that are widely used, but lack a unified and simple user experience, Bond Bridge Pro is the most awarded Wi-Fi to RF bridge connecting motorized shades, ceiling fans, and fireplaces to the smart home. For clients that want a convenient means to connect to all of their environmental devices, now provides them with a simple and privacy-oriented means of control.

When dealers implement Bond Bridge with their systems, they can do so with confidence. Other bridges face challenges with RF range, requiring multiple devices that can produce collisions on a single RF channel that result in lost commands. By leveraging a single device, installers will save time, service calls, and reduce the overall cost of a project for their clients.

Compatibility with Bond Bridge and Bond Bridge Pro allows to natively support Smart by Bond lights, shades, and fans. Once a Smart by Bond device is authorized, it automatically populates for further configuration. Utilizing’s advanced device aliasing capabilities and user-friendly custom scene builder, installers and their clients will enjoy an unmatched level of accessibility when customizing their living spaces.

For example, clients can create personalized scenes to set the perfect mood or simply give a natural language voice command like,“Hey Josh, dim the chandelier, draw the curtains, and lower the fan speed.”

In addition to the efficiency of contextual voice automation, Olibra partners will be comforted by’s strong stance as a privacy-focused voice assistant, purpose-built for professionally installed smart home systems. Clients will have peace of mind knowing that is committed to providing a delightful and inclusive voice experience without sharing or selling user data for marketing purposes.

Dealers interested in learning more can visit both companies at CEDIA Expo:

  • – Booth 14045
  • –  Olibra / Bond Home: Booth 29087

“We are excited to partner with Josh to enable Bond customers with natural and private voice control. Together, Josh and Bond offer the CEDIA channel with an unmatched level of access to shades, lights, ceiling fans, fireplaces, and more devices. Our solutions are a perfect fit to expand the smart home and ensure it stays connected,” said Zohar Shinar, CEO of Olibra.