As prepares for its first deliveries of Josh Nano, the architectural and design-first microphone, the company is equipping its installers with tools to integrate voice control seamlessly into smart homes from the ground up with Xspot Products, an industry leader in builder infrastructure. and Xspot partner states that the pre-wire flexibility offered by Xspot for builders will ensure that voice control is a foundational piece of the smart home going forward. Furthermore, accuracy of Xspot products with other technologies like sensors, touch screens, speakers and more, allows dealers to prewire systems knowing that they will be on target within a ¼” or less. For clients looking to install Josh Nano or Josh Micro in their homes, they will now be able to dictate exactly where they want private, intuitive, and “magical” user experiences without compromising interior design. 

Measuring 0.1 inches thin and 1.6 inches in diameter, Josh Nano is installed flush on a wall for a discreet voice experience. It also can be covered with a square or circular paintable cover, which makes it almost invisible. 

“When we set out to build Josh Nano, it was a product designed for architects, designers, home builders, and homeowners alike,” said Alex Capecelatro, CEO of “In addition to being in the most technologically advanced homes in the world, we also want to be in the most elegant and delightful environments imaginable. Our goal is to extend the concept of voice control and not needing a manual user interface. Xspot empowers our installers to place Josh Nano or Josh Micro anywhere in a room where it makes sense while preserving the home’s aesthetic integrity, which gets us one step closer to providing a truly integrated smart home experience.”

“I came up with Xspot out of the need to better control projects when I was an integrator. Hoping some other trade had the same understanding of our work and would always do exactly what was needed for us to find our wires later, wasn’t going to happen; it’s not their job,” said Mark Sipe, inventor of Xspot Products. “After wiring a large home for one of the first Microsoft employees and having 37 locations buried or moved, I started to design a solution. It had to be easier, faster and more accurate. Xspot is all of these. Being recognized as a partner by is an honor, given their expertise and experience.”