When C SEED revealed the very first video of its monolithic M1 silently emerging from the floor and unfolding into a stunning 165-inch 4K MicroLED TV display, the bar of luxury viewing had unquestionably been raised. In the same way, L-Acoustics Island Prestige, a sumptuous immersive sound lounge delivering ultra-high resolution spatial audio provides a listening experience like no other. Today, the bar rises again with the announcement that L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED have partnered on Maunakea, an integrated pairing of M1 TV and Island Prestige for unparalleled content enjoyment in luxury residential and superyacht environments.

“Maunakea,” explains Laurent Vaissié, CEO of L-Acoustics, “is named after a volcano in Hawaii, the world’s tallest peak as measured from its sea-floor base to summit—even taller than Mount Everest. In the same spirit, our latest product collaboration with C SEED affords new heights of modern elegance in luxury home entertainment systems. And just as most of Maunakea, the volcano, resides beneath the ocean surface, the technology offered by L-Acoustics Creations and C SEED remains cleverly concealed yet spectacular.”

The self-contained personal auditorium, Island Prestige, was designed by Dr. Christian Heil and the R&D team at L-Acoustics, the pioneering manufacturer of sound systems that serve the world’s leading artists and music festivals. Island is a marvel of technology, offering an unprecedented sonic environment that very comfortably places its occupants at the epicenter of the concert, film, or gaming action via 13 professional audio frontal speakers, five rear speakers, and two substantial subwoofers. Optional overhead speakers provide for an even more immersive experience. With a media processor, Island’s state-of-the-art technology seamlessly integrates to play audio from any format, including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, gaming platforms, Dolby Atmos, and hi-res streaming services such as Apple Music Spatial Audio, Amazon Music Ultra HD, Tidal and more.

Designed by Stefan Pani, M1 TV’s unfolding screen is a marvel of futuristic engineering and exquisite form, rising from the ground in a tidy package and then metamorphosing into a massive display diagonally stretching nearly 14 feet. Once deployed, M1’s technological prowess is guaranteed to impress; its 4k MicroLED technology far surpasses the performance of LCD and OLED screens, creating amazingly vibrant colors and a stunning resolution with 1,000 nits brightness and 64 billion colors. A special screen surface treatment displays the all-important black, deep and accurate like never before. In addition to onboard HDR Plus (High Dynamic Range), C SEED´s Adaptive Gap Calibration Technology renders borders between the display panels totally invisible.

“Separately, Island Prestige and M1 each represent superb and inimitable technological achievements in their respective markets. But together? There is simply no more visually and sonically incredible way to experience a film or a livestreamed concert event at home,” shares C SEED Founder and Managing Partner Alexander Swatek. “Maunakea is the latest evolution and true zenith of home entertainment, rivaling the experience of the movie industry’s top screening rooms.”

Maunakea is not the first joint endeavor for the two companies. Since 2017, L-Acoustics provides amplified controller and embedded loudspeaker technologies for C SEED Hyde 125, a fully retractable speaker system delivering up to 125 dB of pristine output and cinema-quality 9.1 surround sound. Highly water resistant, Hyde 125 has been deployed in tandem with the award-winning C SEED outdoor TV, designed by Porsche Design Studio, at high-end residences and lavish pool and yacht settings around the globe.

“Maunakea is another leap forward in our collaboration with C SEED,” shares L-Acoustics President and Founder Dr. Christian Heil. “This is a much needed departure from the conventional, rectangular dedicated dark cinema room. Maunakea taps into a contemporary and vital desire to transform the living space into a more human-centered, multi-purpose entertainment, wellness, and social environment. When a screen is required, it appears, as if by magic! The viewer is fully enveloped in physical comfort and stunning realism when watching a film or a favorite series. When end credits roll and guests wish to take in the view of a beautiful sunset, Island gently rotates to face any direction for a change of experience and scenery. It’s unique, natural, elegant, and effortless, the very definition of a luxury lifestyle.”

For ultimate viewing comfort, M1’s unfolding screen rotates 180 degrees in each direction to provide the perfect viewing angle. And when not needed, the screen smartly refolds with a simple button press, once again completely disappearing into the floor to preserve the clean look of an ultramodern living room.

Maunakea seamlessly integrates with the high-end home environment, presenting immersive, ultra-high-resolution AV entertainment without intrusion in walls and ceilings. Perfectly compatible with modern architectural designs—glass walls, marble surfaces, vaulted ceilings, and the like—the system is a conversation piece that will stun even the most jaded guests of trophy home entertainers.

Island comes in a variety of light and dark wood finishes and fabric color options which can be further customized in collaboration with an interior designer. Likewise, the C SEED M1 metallic base is available in four elegant tones and a choice of casings to match any taste.

Maunakea will be available for shipping in spring of 2022, and both L-Acoustics Creations Certified Integrators and C SEED distributors will be able to offer the combined high-end entertainment system with the full support of one another’s technical and application teams.

For more information on Maunakea, please visit www.l-acoustics-creations.com and www.cseed.tv.