On Oct. 17, Connected Design took the LG TechTour, a multi-city pop-up venue that made its final 2019 stop on New York City’s Fifth Avenue after visits to Washington, D.C., San Jose and Irvine, Calif., and Chicago.

The event was held concurrently within the context of New York’s Digital Signage Week and showcased to around 1,000 visitors consisting of both end users and systems integrators the multiple applications and industries LG’s Business Solutions and its offshoots serve. These include stores, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices, to name a few – with technologies including transparent OLED displays, color transparent LED film displays, flexible custom-curved open-frame OLED displays, IT monitors and hotel TVs.

Karl Jackson, with the new LG transparent OLED display

We toured the exhibition hosted by Karl Jackson, senior manager, national sales, for B2B Commercial Display Solutions, who pointed out some highlights. They included:

  • The LG ultra-thin transparent OLED digital signage display – a see-through display designed for specialized retail and hospitality applications, and whose design allows viewers to view objects and images that are behind the display by looking directly through the display. Jackson said the technology is slated for deployment in a large company headquarters and that LG is developing a multi-panel version for that application. The 55-inch version on display at the pop-up event carries a suggested retail price of $24,999.
The 130-inch display is notable for both image quality and easy serviceability
  • The 130-inch, fine-pitch direct-view LED display for meeting room applications. It is bezel-less, and features a 1.5-inch dot pitch which provides standard HD resolution as well as AV connections that will meet various business needs; it is also notable for its simple, out-of-the-box setup and easy serviceability, said Jackson. Its built-in audio projects embedded sound through the screen center.
  • A “Wallpaper” OLED display like the CE version LG sells, but more basic in terms of feature set, and where the outboarded components are designed to be hidden (available in 55 inch standard HD and 65-inch UHD versions)
  • The LG ceiling-mounted dual-sided in-glass hanging OLED displays, 3-1/2mm in depth and able to display different dynamic content on each of the two sides.
  • LG conference room solutions, one iteration of which was demo’ed with a Cisco-certified room kit whose camera enables people located in other than the host conference room to participate in the meeting. The displays in use are self-configurable, saving integrators time, said Jackson. LG also partners with Crestron for its Crestron Connected conference room solutions, Jackson added.
  • A 2-foot-by-2-foot modular LCD video wall solution, shown in an air traffic control application, and positioned as an affordable solution vs. direct-view LED. The 100-inch configuration shown, said Jackson, is expandable in both height and width.