The Crestron Next Road trip is a series of small regional events across the U.S. and Europe that provides hand-on, one-on-one demos of all key technology platforms, demos from guest technology partners, training and expert advice. Recently we traveled to Washington, D.C. for their latest event and got to experience several new products from the company. 

One of the biggest highlights of the event was Crestron’s new, fully tunable LED light Fixtures, which are meant to support health and wellness in the home. Through the Crestron Home platform, homeowners have full control of the color of their lights including hue, saturation, color temperature, and intensity of light, or they can opt to synchronize Crestron’s LED Light Fixtures with their natural circadian rhythm or utilize a Crestron SolarSync sensor to match the natural light outside. 

Other recent releases shown off on the Road Trip include the Ultimate In-Wall Subwoofer, developed in partnership with Origin Acoustics, and the DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Pre-Amplifier for high-performance Audio-over-IP (AoIP). The Ultimate Subwoofer pairs natively with DM NAX AoIP technology and Crestron Home ecosystem, making it easy for homeowners to send full sound throughout their home. Then the DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Pre-Amplifier natively integrates with Crestron Home and is interoperable with AES67, and Dante audio networking. It uses hardwired connections, and requires no custom network architecture or hardware, meaning it can be seamlessly connected to existing amplifiers in retrofit jobs or new builds. 

Talks at the show included “Crestron Home: The Basics of Configuration,” “Crestron Tunable Light Fixtures,” and “Why and How You Should Sell Crestron Home.”

Upcoming dates for the Crestron Next Road Trip is July 13-14 in Atlanta and August 24-25 in Dallas.