Lodes has launched a new product configurator that offers endless opportunities to create personalized canopy lighting. Users of the configurator tool can choose a suspension lamp from the Lodes or Diesel Living with Lodes collections and combine this with a canopy, to create a piece that works with a multitude of decorative and functional lighting requirements. With the product configurator, the Italian company Lodes confirms its commitment to design innovation, custom integrators and high-quality decorative lighting.

The configurator is an accessible online tool, which allows users to choose a lamp and a canopy to fit their project and then save or share the resulting design. Lodes launched its first product configurator in 2015 to bring its products closer to users. The latest version of this tool allows users, from consumers to designers and architects, to create accurate and immediate product renders and creative lighting solutions

The new product configurator highlights the creative and practical potential of Lodes’ canopies. Canopies are available as either single or multiple systems. These highly functional lighting options can be installed in any part of a room regardless of power source and the design conceals electrical joints. Lodes’ canopies are also a stand-out decorative element which gives individual light fixtures an original look and makes combinations of light fixtures truly unique. The variety of the range provides an array of of possibilities to personalise any living space, whether residential or public.  

The product configurator embodies the Lodes concept of “standard bespoke”, products which are universal yet particular to each client’s needs. This ensures that, having started from the standard elements, users of the tool can build a personal composition to suit their creative and technical requirements.