Now working with Apple HomeKit, Loxone offers consumers the ability to command their smart home or building to perform specific functions through communication with Siri. As one of the few companies to become Apple certified for HomeKit support, Loxone provides the convenience of voice control for a growing list of functions: lighting controllers, automatic blinds, skylight blinds, room ventilation controllers, gates/garages, switches, audio players (on/off) and more. 

Among many third-party integrations in the Loxone Library, the latest addition of HomeKit gives professional installers a simple, fast way to, for example, allow their customers to tell Siri to adjust blinds or turn on/off speakers. 

Levels of control: automation, touch, voice 

The Loxone automation system will always handle automated lighting, shading, music… as needed based on schedules, presence detection, routines and more defined settings. When specific changes are wanted at a moment’s notice, the Loxone App or any Loxone Touch switch is the second level for manual control. Now fulfilling the additional need for convenient control, Siri voice control also fits into this category so you don’t even need to get up to switch your lighting mood for movie night. 

Data security measures 

As a complete, Cloud-free ecosystem, all core system communication happens on the local network – for any optional external access, an iPad or Apple TV or HomePod is required. For example, if you are on-the-go and need to access your building through HomeKit, your iPhone will communicate with the Home hub within the building through the Cloud – remaining secure through Apple. Then subsequent communication with the Miniserver will take place locally in the network again so your data, as usual, remains secure within your own walls.