The lighting leading company is looking to share analyzed lighting preferences found through the Lutron/Harris Poll survey

Lutron Electronics recently announced their release of their first-ever Lighting Trend Report. The analysis covers homeowners’ demand for for advanced lighting solutions.

According to the report, “91% of U.S. homeowners reporting that quality lighting is important to their home design,” shows how essential this part of the home design market is to those who want to modify their homes to their own standards. Furthermore, 75% of these homeowners have reported that lighting is “one of the most important design choices for their home.”

Aside from smart home appliances, a tight security system and flashy AV setups, light remains a deeply important part of home buying and designing.

Lutron’s first-of-its-kind report suggests that “82% of U.S. homeowners say that it’s important to have a connection to nature in their day-to-day lives.” And the best way to achieve a connectedness to to nature, while indoors, is through natural light. But even some of the latest LED solutions have the ability to present lighting features that are close in tone, to natural light.

Another piece of data found in Lutron’s report explains that many homeowners rely on a certain ambiance for relaxation in their homes. Almost “4 in 5 U.S. homeowners (78%) saying the ability to adjust lighting is one of the most important factors to creating ambiance within a home,” provides some insight on the importance of artificial lighting.

Drawing more on the influence that lighting has on homeowners’ mindsets, “68% of U.S. homeowners wish they could integrate wellness into their home design in a bigger way,” Lutron said. And smart lighting can make things easier.

The ability to control lighting within the home is a key need for many home designers. As their sleep cycles and daily routines could be impacted by too much, too lit and inaccurate lighting for different moods throughout the day.

Lastly, the moral importance of a homeowner’s carbon footprint is a leading contributor to Lutron’s environmental findings. Consistent with 4 in 5 homeowners wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, nearly 4 in 5 would invest in LED lighting or automated shades, Lutron confirmed.

“Light brings atmosphere and can enhance not only the aesthetic of a home but how we look, feel, and live within it,” said Cecilia Ramos, Lutron Senior Director. “With the launch of our first trend report, we’re excited to dig into first-hand consumer sentiments about what’s motivating the demand for innovative new lighting solutions – and to explore the shift in thinking about lighting as a utility to light as an amenity that can truly shape our experiences within the home.”

Lutron is looking to fit the needs of consumers in their home owning journeys. Smarter lighting is the first step, for many companies in the home designing market, in helping their consumers find their choice lighting.