Magewell has expanded its Ultra Encode series with the introduction of two new models, the Ultra Encode HDMI Plus and Ultra Encode SDI Plus. Tailored for a range of applications such as live streaming, remote contribution, IP-based production, and distribution, these compact encoders offer advanced features including simultaneous multi-protocol streaming, file-based recording, NDI HX3 support, 4K encoding at 30 frames per second, Power over Ethernet support, and more. The models cater to a demand for higher bitrates, expanded formats, recording capabilities, and multi-protocol simultaneous streaming in a compact, camera-mountable form factor, making them versatile for various use cases.

Magewell’s Ultra Encode HDMI Plus can encode resolutions up to 4096×2160 at 30 frames per second via its HDMI interface, while the Ultra Encode SDI Plus encodes up to 4K at 30fps from its 6G-SDI input. Both models support a range of video encoding formats and streaming protocols, providing flexibility for different applications. With a metal chassis measuring 4.2 inches square and a height of one inch, these encoders are designed for ease of use and portability. They also feature integrated tally lights, loop-through connections, and support for Power over Ethernet, providing a comprehensive solution for live production and streaming needs.