MantelMount, the premier, award-winning mounting option for flatscreen televisions, announces the MM720, the latest addition to the company’s line of high-quality, Pro Series pulldown mount. 

The MM720 replaces the MM710, making it MantelMount’s most versatile pulldown model to date. The MM720, exclusive to MantelMount dealers, includes a new tilt mechanism, additional handle options and extended swivel. The feature-rich MM720 provides a new selling strategy: that’s because there is no increase in price from the MM710 to consumers or dealers, and dealers can provide Pro Series products (heavier steel, enhanced features) at price points for various budgets.

The MM710, which was formerly part of the company’s Pro Series, will now move to MantelMount’s Consumer Series but is still available exclusively to MantelMount dealers. The quick and easy tilt function (patent pending) is the most attractive of these features of the new MM720. Because it allows direct tilt access from the front of the TV, the MM720 can be tilted from below even when the TV is high up on the wall. To adjust, the user simply squeezes the handle at the bottom of the TV and pushes or pulls the TV to adjust the tilt (adjustable up to 9 degrees). Releasing the grip from the handle locks the tilt angle in place. It makes tilting the TV especially convenient; no other TV mount offers a tilt function that works in the same way.


Consumers have the option of selecting a Hideaway Handle or a Heat-Sensing Handle for pulldown operation. The Hideaway Handle is not visible from the front of the TV, which creates a sleek and professional-looking installation. This is a highly requested feature that provides designer-ready functionality. The Heat-Sensing Handle turns red if temperature reaches 110°F. Regardless of which handle is used, the force used to move the TV is absorbed by the mount and not the screen; this is true of all MantelMount models and helps decrease wear and tear on the TV, helping to protect the investment the user has made in their flatscreen. 

The included SRE00 Side Swivel Kit gives the MM720 an extended swivel range of up to 80 degrees in both directions, allowing for television viewing from an adjacent room. along with a vertical drop up to 27”. 

Two automotive pistons make the TV feel feather light, so users can move it extremely easily, even for the tilt function. With the optional RB100 Recess Box accessory, the MM720 can be mounted with a minimal 2.1” flush-to-wall distance. Plus, the MM720 can clear a mantel with a depth of up to 19” – more than the MM710.

Featuring heavy-duty, 3MM steel construction, the MM720 can handle TVs with a weight capacity up to 115 lbs., and 50”-90” in size. VESA compatibility is up to 600mm x 600mm. Other features include:

  • Enhanced Stabilization (patented)
  • Built-in Sound Bar Attachment
  • Cable Management 
  • Hard Travel-Limit Stops
  • Auto-Straightening (patented)
  • Paintable Wall Covers

“The MM720 is the latest effort by MantelMount to give our dealers the best possible mounting solutions for their customers,” said Michael Smith, MantelMount’s Vice President of Wholesale Operations. “The goal is to ensure that our dealers have a mount that suits everyone’s unique TV-viewing needs. For the user, the MM720 makes it simple to get just the right tilt. Depending on how the light comes into a specific room, the tilt may need to be adjusted every time you use the TV. The MantelMount MM720 makes it effortless to do so.”

Smith also noted that “in this era of inflation and shrinkflation, we’re bucking the trend. We’re providing a highly upgraded mount at the same price as the mount it replaces.” 

The UMAP on the new MM720 is $499.