MantelMount will be showcasing its Automated MM860 Robotic Mount at the CEDIA 2021 show in Indianapolis, September 1-3. 

Sporting unparalleled functionality, this Smart Home Ready motorized TV mount automatically lowers and swivels a TV to eye level, for a comfortable home theater viewing experience. It’s the ideal solution for upscale installations high on a wall or over a fireplace.

Relying on feedback from both the installer and consumer communities, the Automated MM860 Robotic Mount represents a superior home automation solution that works with all popular automation control systems, including Control4, Crestron, RTI, Savant, Logitech and URC, with command sets for hard-coding additional systems – a major plus for the custom integrator. In addition, the MM860 can be controlled through the included 433 MHZ RF remote, as well as IR-based remotes from Logitech and URC. 

The patent pending multi-axis hub, proprietary software, and precision electronic actuators allow the Automated MM860 Robotic Mount to lower and swivel simultaneously in one fluid, barely audible movement. No other automated mount on the market offers synchronous vertical and horizontal travel to a preset position.

In fact, MantelMount’s Automated MM860 Robotic Mount offers several features not available in competitive automated mounts. One of the most practical is the power-sensing technology that detects when the TV is turned on and automatically lowers it to a favorite preset, providing automation even without a control system. 

For those consumers with televisions mounted above a fireplace, the MM860’s Temperature-Sensing Monitor automatically returns the television to its home position if an unsafe temperature is detected. This highly desirable feature is especially useful with home automation systems programmed to start the fireplace while unattended.

As with the company’s manual Pro Series mounts, the Automated MM860 Robotic Mount can be recessed for flush-to-wall installations. When recessed, the mount’s lifting arm and electronics are completely concealed in the raised position, further enhancing the mount’s aesthetics. The mount can also be surface mounted and includes paintable covers for a sleek, designer look. Cable ties keep the signal and electrical cords neat and organized.

Featuring true “plug and play” networking, the Automated MM860 Robotic Mount is DHCP-enabled right out of the box and is easily identifiable on the network. The product’s communication protocols allow the mount to be managed with IP and RS232 through Ethernet, dry contacts, or a serial IRDA port. The MM860 comes complete with an on-board webserver for simple browser-based configuration. Updating the mount to the latest software and firmware from the internet is a simple operation, allowing for fully optimized performance upon installation. Additionally, integrators will appreciate that all the mount’s electronics are in one highly accessible, lightweight control box, which can be easily serviced or removed if necessary.

Rounding out the impressive list of features are: 

  • Multiple Memory Presets, allowing the user to easily program multiple preset positions to accommodate everyone’s favorite viewing position
  • Power-loss recovery that keeps the mount’s last location in memory, eliminating the need for a reset after an unexpected power outage 
  • Vertical and horizontal travel limits configured through both software and hardware, providing a safety shield that prevents the TV from ever touching the wall or mantel 
  • An amazingly powerful and responsive CPU with ample on-board memory 

The MM860 Robotic mount is made to fit televisions with a diagonal measure of 55” – 100” and up to 125 pounds (total load). It offers a vertical drop of up to 30”; an off-the-wall distance of 20.5″ – 24″; and a swivel capacity of up to 25° to either side.