At Connected Design, we have the unique opportunity to get to know a broad range of professionals across the technology integration, interior design, architectural, and home building industries. It is our great pleasure to highlight the work of these individuals, how they got into this business, the types of services they offer, their take on the current and future state of this industry, and more. Although we may not be working “in the trenches” so to speak, we hope to provide a well-rounded perspective of the connected home business and ultimately create a community where people can learn from one another.

We were recently introduced to a new brand that shares many of our common goals, but provides more specific, technical solutions and advice directly from insiders in the industry. Brothers, Matt and Greg Montgomery of TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters created LuckyDog, a website that provides on-demand streaming video training, interviews, case studies, blogs and other resources for the custom AV integration industries—both residential and commercial. 

“LuckyDog is brand and platform agnostic, this allows our trainers to provide the much-needed ‘straight talk’ about the various challenges installation teams face daily in real-world situations,” the website reads.

LuckyDog, goluckydog

The website is currently in beta, but the LuckyDog team has already prepared a few courses made up of multi-part videos like “How to Prewire a Home,” “Intro to Wire Termination,” “Network Basics by Luxul,” and more. As Matt Montgomery describes, some of these training videos will be professionally recorded offering more of a “masters class” feel while others will be completely raw and shot on a smartphone while at a job site.

Some other features of the LuckyDog website include the “Dogpark,” a forum where users can ask questions and discuss some of the latest technologies, a weekly interview series called “Expert Secrets,” and an ecommerce store that will offer LuckyDog merch and products from affiliates.

LuckyDog is currently running a 90-day free trial of their services with no strings attached. They are also accepting submissions to see who can terminate fiber the fastest. To enter, contestants must time the whole process on video with no cuts.  The winner will receive $100 and a t-shirt from

A message on the LuckyDog homepage says that there are many more updates to come, but the team felt it was necessary to get the site up and running after the coronavirus pandemic brought the technology integration industry to a screeching halt. Turning this time into a positive opportunity to learn and come together as a community is much needed and certainly a great way to kickstart this brand.