With its extensive catalog of both active digital bi- and tri-amped systems and passive home theater speakers, MSE Audio is delighted to announce the release of the Theater Sound Designer. This online tool will enable audio designers to design theaters and media rooms with the right speakers to achieve high performance audio for any given size space.

MSE Audio has hundreds of theater options available in on-wall, in-wall, Custom Box, and floor standing formats. The theater designer provides specific product recommendations to guide the integrator through the product selection.

Theater Sound Designer will go live on the MSE Audio website on Thursday, February 17. It will also debut at DSG Distributors in Plainview, NY on Thursday, February 17 from 12 pm to 4 pm and Friday, February 18 from 9 am through 3 pm with lunch served. A live complete demo of the Theater Sound Designer will be delivered at 10 am Friday, February 17 via DSG Distribution’s Facebook page and YouTube. Attendees will also see live demos of the SoundTube STNet audio-over-IP system and a new Linear Array DCB410 floor-to-ceiling subwoofer.

“The Theater Sound Designer is our first step in providing more relevant application-based information to our partners,” said Ken Hecht, vice president. “Using the Theater Sound Designer will help our resellers to easily find the right loudspeakers to meet the installation, performance, and budget objectives of their customers.”