Nanolumens, world-class creators of creative LED displays, has partnered with Megapixel VR, innovators in LED technology, to offer their customers greater reliability and quality when selecting their displays. This partnership brings a secure and complete product offering with top-tier video performance and easier control for large and/or multiple displays. Both US-based manufacturers look to bring unsurpassed video performance for LED video wall projects with their alliance. 

“Partnerships that enhance our product offering and provide our partners and clients with a total display solution are key to our success. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Megapixel VR and offer our clients a strong ecosystem alliance. Like our products, Megapixel VR’s products are TAA and NDAA 889 compliant which offers our clients a complete end-to-end solution for secure environments. When you see the difference in video quality, combined with the ease of controlling large and/or multiple displays, hands down Megapixel VR is the optimal partner to expand our product offering,” says Brice McPheeters, Vice President of Product and Planning for Nanolumens.

“Our client base will be thrilled with this strategic partnership. Many industries that we work with need a dynamic duo of LED and video processing to power their projects. Companies in Themed Entertainment, Control Rooms, Government, Corporate, and Entertainment venues can rest assured that their video wall content will be clear, and their brand’s messaging and data will be secure. Additionally, with this collaboration, we’re able to deliver 8K resolution and beyond with full HDR and dynamic color gamut settings,” says John Youngson, VP of Sales from MegapixelVR.