The Neeo Remote for Control4, a touchscreen remote designed for use within the Control4 Smart Home OS3 platform, has been introduced by SnapAV.

The remote is designed for intuitive functionality and for speedier access to favorite streaming services and TV stations, playlists, and room-level or household-level smart home scenes. The company says it is the first Control4 handheld remote to combine the benefits of hard buttons and a touchscreen, providing a smart home interface personalized to meet the unique interests and devices for any home.

“The modern smart home needs simple interfaces to start a movie, select a playlist, or lock a door. Neeo was expertly designed to be beautiful, and with Control4 OS 3, it’s also the easiest way for a family to enjoy entertainment in their homes,” said Charlie Kindel, SnapAV chief product & technology officer, in the announcement statement. “Neeo is a reflection of our obsession for creating the most elegant and simple interfaces for the refined smart home.”


The Neeo’s svelte design is a product of Swiss engineers. It is built from machined aluminum fashioned to protect the edge-to-edge touchscreen, and to make it durable. Images and icons on the three-inch, high-resolution, LCD touchscreen are crisp and bright to enable quick, one-touch navigation. Neeo is available in either silver or black finishes and ships with a charging station. It remains powered for up to five days on a charge and the low-profile, weighted station is also where it docks when not in use.

Neeo was built to harness the power of Control4’s Smart Home OS 3, which unifies connected devices from major brands, weaves them together for simplicity, and provides a singular voice, touch, and hand-held interface for the whole home.

Family members in a Control4 OS 3 powered home have at-a-glance views of virtually every connected device, as well as numerous options for control, including voice with Alexa and Google Assistant, the Control4 App, a Control4 touchscreen, and a TV on-screen display.

Aside from its high-level luxury aesthetics, the Neeo is made to work seamlessly with Control4 OS 3. Swiping right on Neeo shows video sources such as a Blu-ray player, video game system, DISH Network, and more. It also provides homeowners one-touch icons for the channels they watch most and an on-screen keypad to type in a channel number directly.

The touchscreen reduces the number of buttons on the Neeo Remote, making it easier to learn and use. This combination of touchscreen and buttons makes Neeo an ideal universal remote control for entertainment because anyone in the home can intuitively use an icon-driven touchscreen. By including only the most common buttons such as power, mute, volume, and home, Neeo offers easy control without taking eyes off the movie.

Control4 Certified Showrooms will have the new Neeo Remote on display and available to demo on #C4Yourself Day on Thursday, November 21, 2019 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. local time. Customers who have Control4 systems running OS 3 can order their Neeo from their Control4 Pro and self-install without a visit from the Pro. Neeo is available for $600 exclusively through Control4 Smart Home Pros. It is available exclusively through Control4 Smart Home Pros for $600.