Cooking at home can be a huge money saver, but no matter how hard you try to recreate your favorites restaurant meals at home, they just never taste the same. And while those failed attempts probably have a lot to do with the ingredients involved, it’s also because the chefs that make those meals have access to a lot of different tools and kitchen features that we don’t have at home.

At the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) this week, Electrolux has a trio of new appliances on display meant to “inspire culinary creativity” and get us closer to creating those 5-star worthy meals. The flagship Double Wall Oven and French Door Refrigerator have been equipped with the latest features and technology to bring out the natural flavors in foods and keep them fresher longer. The home appliance leader has also integrated the new Electrolux Connect Technology into these new offerings to advance cooking and entertaining using remote control features. With the Electrolux App on a phone or tablet, users can preheat the oven, monitor temperatures and cook times, and keep food warm until it’s ready to be served.

The Electrolux Double Wall Oven with Electrolux Connect Technology (EXWD3011AS) was designed to get homeowners out of a rut in the kitchen using professional chef-inspired cooking techniques. While the different features may sound intimidating at first, Electrolux ensures each aspect of the oven is effortless to use. Some of those advanced features include:

  • Air Sous Vide: Through a combination of precisely controlled heat and airflow, meat and vegetables are cooked at a consistent temperature between 100 to 205 degrees without the need for water. The end result is juicy, flavorful meat and veggies that aren’t soaked in a pool of water.
  • Steam Cooking Functions: Used to achieve a crisp, golden crust on meat and artisanal breads while maintaining a flavorful inside full of natural flavors.
  • Built-in Air Frying: This cooking technique has become increasingly popular, but it often requires homeowners to crowd their countertops with yet another appliance. Having this healthy cooking technique built into the Double Wall Oven is both convenient and space saving in creating crispy vegetable chips, juicy chicken parm, and more without the added fat and calories in oil.

And while all those fancy cooking techniques can really bring a dish to life, Electrolux also knows that the key to a great meal starts with the ingredients. The Electrolux French Door Refrigerator (ERMC2295AS) was designed to keep produce fresh longer to reduce spoiling and avoid waste. With flexible freezer space and adjustable shelves, homeowners can tailor their fridge to fit the week’s groceries or large platters. Some of the sustainability features include:

  • TempAdaptTM Drawer: Certain foods require different temperatures and shouldn’t be subject to the same degrees as the rest of the fridge. With adjustale temperatures ranging from -6 to 45 degrees, users can ensure that their favorite wines, cheese, sorbets, and more are kept to their ideal temperature without freezing/melting the rest of the contents of their frige.
  • TasteLockTM Crispers with Auto-Humidity Control: Produce will be kept in the most ideal environment in these drawers. Excess moisture and dry air will be ousted to prevent spoiling, shriveling, and mold. 
  • ExtraAccessTM Door: Along with the refrigertor’s auto-close feature, the ExtraAccessTM Door will give users a peek at 75% of their food just by opening one door.
  • LuxCoolTM Plus Cooling System: Consistent tempertaures in the refrigerator and freezer are pertinent to keeping foods market-fresh.

Electrolux also introduced their 36-inch Induction Cooktop: an alternative to cooking with electric and gas ranges. The cooktop offers Precise Temperature Control to keep foods cooking at the same level—even after seconds, thirds, and so on. A Power Slide feature lets you move the dishes around to different burners without needing to adjust the temperature again. Lastly, a Bridge Feature enables users to cook with a larger pan or griddle and maintain

“Electrolux’s new kitchen suite was designed to support sustainable living and culinary exploration,” continued Guy. “Matching the energy standards and aesthetic expected of our Scandinavian heritage and company legacy, this line brings new technology and features to help families enjoy getting into the kitchen while being mindful of their environmental impact. The Electrolux Double Wall Oven and the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator together support our mission to Shape Living for the Better and create a conscious kitchen by keeping food fresher, elevating natural flavors, and offering healthier cooking methods for inspired recipes.”

The new Electrolux Double Wall Oven also comes in a single or oven/microwave combination. The ovens, as well as the Electrolux Induction Cooktop and the Electrolux French Door Refrigerator models will be available in Q3 2020.