Continuing to address the many impacts of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the live event industry, the Event Safety Alliance today released a new episode of the Event Safety Podcast focused on event cancellation in response to the outbreak.

The new half-hour podcast, entitled “Coronavirus: Must the Show Go On?” features leading experts in entertainment law, insurance, and safety exploring issues including force majeure language in contracts, the scope of event cancellation insurance coverage, and how to think through the risks and concerns in the face of a rapidly evolving situation. Adelman Law Group Principal Steve Adelman moderated a panel that included ESA President Jim Digby, Take1 Insurance Executive Vice President Scott Carroll and Sellery Health & Safety President Janet Sellery.

“The headlines about major event cancellations are a poor guide for decisions about most events. This Event Safety Podcast provides rational, factual information so you understand the force majeure language in your contracts, the scope of your event cancellation insurance coverage, and how to think through the risks and concerns even if you have an event coming up in the next few weeks,” Digby said today.

Amplifying the point, Take1’s Carroll noted that, “The Coronavirus will impact everyone in the chain of live event production, which is a sad-but-true testament to the reach of this virus into our community.” 

While Carroll tries to put a positive spin upon the potential for insurance to respond in some magical way to the affects widespread cancellations are having upon the live community, the truth is Business Interruption and Event Cancelation, areas of coverage or separate policy types most often referred to by those looking for insurance relief, will likely not be much help and Carroll explains the reasons why in this podcast.

The episode is now available to stream or download here and on most podcast services.

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