*The chair contains nine subarea supports for ultimate comfort and improved work efficiency.

*Designers source sustainable raw materials and monitor material opening, cutting, splicing, veneering, and overall inspection.

*Aerron comes in microfiber or cowhide leather and is available in four colors.

Kinnls introduced this week the Aerron Backrest Chair. As a company that adheres to the concept of sustainable development, Kinnls has launched the new product prior to World Earth Day, which is April 22. Aerron is a foldable-back office chair with an adjustable, wide headrest integrated with the back of the chair. It contains nine subarea supports for comfort and improved work efficiency, and the curved backrest design emphasizes the combination of simple aesthetics and ergonomics. Aerron comes in microfiber or cowhide leather and is available in four colors.

“Kinnls is committed to building an ideal workspace to support our customers’ teams, so they can be their best and feel that their bodies are supported,” said the president of Kinnls Furniture, Kenan.

As World Earth Day approaches, the Kinnls team hopes more people will pay attention to the importance of the Earth’s ecological environment to human survival and development and calls on people to participate in the protection of the Earth’s environment.

To check out Kinnls’ wide range of chairs, desks, and sofas, visit kinnls.com. Kinnls also sells its products on Amazon, Wayfair, and Walmart. It can be found on Facebook and Pinterest and offers 24/7 support to help with any questions.