Born from the Smart Homee Community, B2BAV is a new, service-based marketplace for the professional home technology industry, which allows users to upload their experienced skills and network with others to generate business. 

Users of the new B2BAV website can share their skills and generate secondary revenues based upon on their specialties while simulatanesouly saving business owners precious time by providing the skills they lack or simply don’t have the bandwidth to learn. Integrators can find everything from cinema design or even some home control programming on the new site. 

“The home technology space is in the midst of exponential growth—a growth which cannot currently be sustained by the number of people working in the industry,” said B2BAV Founder, Benjamin Davies. “Creating a space where any company globally can register and both sell and outsource their skills is a big task, but made all the easier with a secure and verified website. B2BAV allows integrators to grow and scale their business without employing somebody in every discipline.

“Having spent over a decade in the Smart Home Technology market, dedicating the first five years of my time training in every discipline, I came to the realization that it was impossible to become specialized in all areas. For a small business, attempting to maintain that level of knowledge without outsourcing other skills is impossible. The freedom I, and my business, has gained through outsourcing areas of the business I am either not competent in or do not enjoy allows me to be more strategic and focus successfully on achieving our goals. 

Davies stressed that the site allows users/dealers to scale their businesses and skilled owners to create revenue for outside projects.

After taking a few minutes to set up an account, users can start promoting their talents and earning from them immediately.