To provide more consumers with enhanced smart home options, GE Lighting is adding several new C by GE technologies to its ever-expanding portfolio of smart home products. Advanced lighting switch and dimmer technologies, as well as new comfort, safety and security solutions, have been designed to integrate and interact with existing C by GE products to provide an easy-to-use, improved and more complete smart home network. 

New lighting products for the smart home will be available at retailers in early 2020. Comfort, safety and security solutions that address highly sought-after benefits are scheduled to launch in retail stores later this year. These new products that extend beyond the lighting space can be operated through a single mobile application that is very simple to install, use and maintain. 

“For nearly 130 years, GE Lighting has been a trusted brand and consumers continue to have confidence in the C by GE smart home products we offer,” says Paul Williams, GM Product Management & Growth, GE Lighting. “As we expand our presence in the smart home, we’re committed to providing them with convenient products that exceed expectations.” 

Smart Switch and Dimmer Technologies

The new C by GE Hubless Three-Wire Smart Switch and two Hubless Dimmer models are industry firsts. They do not require an additional product, such as a hub, to integrate with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control. Unlike existing products, these innovations give more consumers access to smart home technologies as they can be installed and operated in most North American households, regardless of the age of the home. The Smart Switches do not require a neutral wire and are smaller in size, making them widely compatible and simple to install. They come with an optional accessory that eliminates bulb “ghosting” and “flickering” that can occur with other smart switch solutions.

Wire-Free Products

The C by GE Wire-Free (battery powered) Dimmer seamlessly controls C by GE smart bulbs, switches and dimmers. The Dimmer can be placed on any wall using an easy-to-install and removable adhesive strip. This feature provides a simple way for consumers to add an additional location for controlling room lighting and gives consumers the ability to avoid working on electrical wiring in the home. In addition, a Wire-Free (battery powered) Motion Sensor and Wire-Free (battery powered) Remote Control will also be available to consumers, enhancing the smart home experience. 

One App, Touch or Voice 

C by GE smart switches, bulbs and plugs that reside in a single room or throughout an entire home can now be wirelessly controlled by one app, one touch or through voice control using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. C by GE bulbs use advanced light-mixing technology augmented with sensors that replicate the feel of natural light throughout the day. Through the app, daily routines can be personalized to help people thrive and become their best selves through enhanced productivity and relaxation. 

Works with C by GE

The C by GE Mobile Application is an interesting smart home solution for consumers. With its simple installation, user experience and upcoming expansion from smart lighting into smart comfort, safety and security, GE Lighting will open integration into the C by GE Mobile Application to select third party manufacturers this year through the new Works with C by GE Program. In the future, consumers will see third party smart products carry this identification signaling simple integration and compatibility with C by GE products.