January has long been known as a time when gyms are their most crowded, but this year might be a little different.

While many gyms remain closed, the ones that are open will likely continue operating under social distancing guidelines and capacity limits. This, in turn, could sway those New Year’s resolution makers to find different solutions for their 2021 fitness goals with updates to their home gym.

Bring the Instructor to You

Smart mirrors have been exploding during the pandemic, and for good reason. They provide personalized, expert instruction, within a small amount of space – and they look incredibly chic in the process! The brand, Mirror, is perhaps the best example of this. The interactive smart gym goes from offering a wide variety of exercises and training, and then turns into a modern piece of furniture that functions as a regular mirror.

It’s All About Lighting

If you’ve picked up practically any issue of Connected Design, you already know how crucial lighting is in creating calm atmospheres and improving sleep, but it can also boost physical performance. Brighter light has been linked to alertness, energy, and increased motivation. Natural sunlight is best, but if that’s not an option, the right LED lights can serve as a close second. Opt for lighting with 5000k that can hang evenly overhead to mimic the midday sun as much as possible.

Color Choices Matter

Most major gym chains tend to feature one really bold color in their branding, and there is actually some solid evidence behind it. Depending on the type of workout you typically lean towards, making mindful color palette decisions for the room could potentially enhance your results. If yoga is your workout of choice, an earthy tone or a creamy white can help create a sense of zen. If you’re looking to increase your endurance, bright and neon colors can help boost your energy to run that last mile.