NextLevel Acoustics introduces the Cinema Series, redefining home theater audio with innovative horn-based LCR solutions – the Reference Cinema and the Cinema Pro. These models, featuring MTM arrays and cutting-edge components, deliver unmatched performance and clarity, achieving up to 122 dB sound-pressure levels.

The Series, comprising the Reference Cinema and the larger Cinema Pro, delivers a transformative cinematic experience by incorporating cutting-edge technology. These models utilize an MTM array, featuring innovative components like dual 8-inch carbon wool mid-woofers and a 4×4-inch compression horn tweeter for the Reference Cinema, and quad 8-inch carbon wool mid-woofers with the same horn tweeter for the Cinema Pro, delivering commercial-grade cinema performance for larger home theaters.

Designed by Chief Designer/Engineer John Sollecito, renowned for audiophile designs, these speakers offer unparalleled clarity and dispersion, boasting up to 99 dB sensitivity and minimal distortion, achieving astonishing sound-pressure levels of up to 122 dB. The Cinema Series, unveiled at CEDIA Expo 2022, has garnered acclaim from industry experts for its high-performance, cost-effective alternative.