Noted artist and NFT pioneer Kevin McCoy is collaborating with tech giant LG Electronics to present his new works on the digital canvas of LG OLED TVs at the Frieze New York 2022 art fair. The ever-evolving generative works explore how technology enables new ways of creating and experiencing art – from traditional to digital to generative to programmatic artwork. 

LG OLED Lounge Exhibit

McCoy will present his exhibition May 19-22 in the LG OLED Lounge (Level 8) at Frieze New York at The Shed. Three groundbreaking works will be shown on LG OLED evo TVs and transparent OLED signage displays, which all use millions of self-lit pixels to deliver the deepest blacks, incredibly realistic colors and an infinite contrast ratio.

“Kevin McCoy is an artist who transcends genres and disciplines, and he’ll lead the discourse around art and technology at Frieze New York this year,” said Kate Oh, head of home entertainment marketing communications at LG Electronics. “LG OLED technology will bring Kevin’s works into life in an unprecedented way for the fair visitors.” 


“Collaborating with LG and its cutting-edge self-lit OLED technology enhances the integrity of my work and offers viewers a new way to experience art in a way that wouldn’t be possible on conventional displays. This digital canvas allows my abstract, code-based work to manifest physically in space as a tangible canvas within a museum-like architecture that gets out of the way and lets art happen.”

Kevin McCoy, Artist and NFT Pioneer

Digital Canvas Artwork

The centerpiece of the exhibit is the unveiling of McCoy’s latest work co-created with Jennifer McCoy titled Quantum Leap: Primordial Star 3 (2022). This new NFT (non-fungible token) from the series Quantum Leap is inspired by Kevin McCoy’s 2014 work Quantum, the first artwork ever to be tokenized on a blockchain and also on view at the LG OLED Lounge. In Quantum Leap: Primordial Star 3, several levels of code-based systems interact. Visually, each token from Quantum Leap produces a mandala that changes and evolves, inspired by the lifecycle of the stars, which shift colors as they age. These tokenized “stars” also change their form and color as the code-generated images mature, evolving from three to twenty sides over the span of their lifetimes. 

Alongside Quantum Leap: Primordial Star 3, visitors will experience Quantum Leap 3: Dark Star (2022) by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, which showcases the Dark Star produced as each Quantum Leap: Primordial Star slowly loses its color over the course of its lifespan. This token is a “memento mori,” an animated ghost of what was once living. After producing this token, Quantum Leap: Primordial Star is reborn in full color with a new central shape and palette, replicating and generating new tokens autonomously. 

The LG OLED Loungewill also showcase Quantum Entanglement (2022) by Jennifer and Kevin McCoya new hybrid work of drawings and NFTs that place in dialogue “drawing” as performative act and “the drawing” as physical document of that performance. Both the physical drawings and the digital animations of Quantum Entanglement are created with software and a robotic drawing machine that are designed and fabricated by the artists. Though computer-driven, the machine uses conventional materials such as ink and paper to physically create the drawings.

LG OLED NFT Display 2

The LG OLED evo Gallery Edition TV models featured in McCoy’s Frieze New York exhibit offer higher brightness, clarity and detail for lifelike images that almost jump off the screen. Complementing these 77- and 65-inch consumer TVs are commercial 55-inch Transparent OLED digital signage displays. Boasting vivid colors with high transparency, they open up even more creative opportunities for digital artists as seen in McCoy’s exhibit.

LG was named Global Partner of the Frieze art fair, and this exhibit in New York “exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation within the arts and supporting artists to push their creative boundaries,” said Oh. “We look forward to continuing our efforts on leveraging our industry-leading technologies to enable new possibilities in digital art and beyond.”