Available and shipping now from the original pioneers of AVoIP technology, comes a flexible, scalable, all-in-one matrix controller offering maximum control for display projects of any size

Nice, a global manufacturer of smart home, security, and building automation solutions, today announces shipping for the new Gefen® AVoIP Matrix Controller, a flexible yet powerful solution for controlling compatible video and KVM over IP based extenders within the same network. The AVoIP Matrix Controller maximizes control while making advanced features simple to access for integrators and distributors.

Engineered with scalability in mind, the Gefen Matrix Controller effortlessly manages distribution installations of any size across a diverse range of markets and applications. Now available to integrators for project integration, the new Matrix Controller can single-handedly control and distribute content for environments as sprawling as sports arenas and flexible enough to also seamlessly manage large video walls, digital signage, luxury entertainment, and large-scale conference applications.

Designed to simplify deployment and calibration for integrator partners, the Matrix Controller features a wealth of presets and Web GUI control making it easy to create the perfect scene for a project of any scale. Plug-in support for keyboard/mouse or compatible 3rd party touchscreen adds an enhanced layer of flexibility for integrators to configure the matrix solution directly on-site rather than at a dedicated, isolated station.

Rooted in performance and the end-user experience, the Gefen AVoIP Matrix Controller provides near instantaneous switching between sources creating complete continuity of content and a smooth viewing experience. Real-time changes to sources and displays saves time for integrators by preventing the need to reset the entire configuration when partnered with a new component.

“Our mission has always been to make signal management seamless, and this new solution represents a paradigm shift in this product category. It is truly an evolution built leveraging direct feedback from our customers; every facet has been optimized for ease of operation without sacrificing the technical benefits,” said Jeff Shaw, Vice President, Product Management at Nice North America. “The emphasis Nice places on R&D is what has made this solution possible. This controller is the culmination of significant development and resources, and the first of many new products to come.”

“Known industry wide for quality and reliable solutions that stand the test of time, Gefen solutions pioneered AVoIP technology and introduced what has now become standard across the industry. Under Nice, we now have the resources required to innovate top-of-market solutions that enhance integrator, distributor, and end-user experiences,” said Richard Pugnier, Vice President of Marketing and Education for Nice North America. “By combining decades of experience with an infusion of R&D support, we’re able to introduce a revolutionary new matrix and switching solution update that provides unmatched performance and flexibility.”

In addition to the availability of the new Gefen AVoIP Matrix Controller, an all-new Optical HDMI 2.1 Extender over MPO Fiber Cable is also now available. This compact, high-performance solution extends uncompressed high-quality 8K/4K resolution up to 100 meters using multi-mode optical fiber (with MPO/MTP connectors) without any video signal loss. Discreet sturdy metal enclosures make the solution small enough to be hidden away and also help protect against electro-magnetic interference and radiated signal noise to ensure seamless distribution and reliable performance.

The new Gefen AVoIP Matrix Controller and cable solutions are available and shipping now. To request a demonstration, or a dedicated training, contact Aaron Hernandez, Director of Sales at aaron.hernandez@niceforyou.net.