The inaugural Oasys Summit, held in Nashville, marked a significant moment for Oasys Residential Technology Group, formerly known as Home Technology Specialists Nationwide. The event brought together nearly 100 attendees who learned about the group’s rebranding and future direction. The summit featured educational sessions focusing on neglected areas of business for custom integrators, industry updates, and market analysis. Oasys aims to expand its membership and provide support to integration businesses often overlooked by buying groups. The event also emphasized giving back, with attendees packing over 10,600 meals for Meals of Hope.

The Oasys Summit served as a launching point for the group, with great attendance from members and vendors. The event showcased the commitment to growth and success, offering educational opportunities and fostering important relationships within the community. Oasys’ rebranding and refocused strategy as Nationwide’s custom integration division were highlighted, along with the “Drive to 1,000 Members” initiative.