Omnirax LLC has introduced their next generation of Hybrid Meeting Tables at the InfoComm 2023 tradeshow in Orlando, FL. These innovative tables seamlessly integrate onsite and remote participants, revolutionizing the way corporations hold meetings.

The Omnirax and Primeview Hybrid Meeting Tables.
The Omnirax and Primeview Hybrid Meeting Table

The tables combine Microsoft Front Row meeting software, large LED displays or monitor walls, AI-driven camera technology, and a modern, ergonomic design. With an engineered curvature, the tables allow participants to comfortably face the monitor wall, ensuring enhanced sight and sound lines for everyone involved. The lineup includes tables that pair with various monitor sizes and configurations, catering to different applications. Customization options are also available. The collaboration between Omnirax and Primeview has resulted in flexible tables that integrate with equipment from different manufacturers, offering a comprehensive solution for meeting spaces.

The Omnirax and Primeview Hybrid Meeting Tables address the need for meeting equity, accommodating both onsite and remote participants. These tables, showcased at InfoComm 2023, incorporate advanced technologies and a modern aesthetic. By prioritizing comfort, visibility, and integration, the tables create an optimal environment for collaboration. With their adaptive design and customization options, these tables are suitable for a range of spaces and applications, offering a seamless meeting experience for all participants.