Origin Acoustics, the leading manufacturer of architectural audio and electronics, announces its new Professional Collection In-Ceiling and Pendant Speakers are now available.

The new Professional Collection In-Ceiling Collection go above and beyond the competition, providing integrator friendly features and musicality. Each model is a 2-way loudspeaker with a pivoting silk DPSD tweeter, utilizing Origin’s patented Multi-Motion Pivoting™ for superior aiming and dispersion.

The new in-ceiling models are available in three sizes, the PC50, PC60 and PC80 are now shipping. The new PCSUB8 Subwoofer with 8-in. IMMP Woofer and 200 Watts of power will be available 2nd quarter 2022. 

origin acoustics

Commercial In-Ceiling Collection Features:

  • DPSD & Multi-Motion Pivoting Tweete
  • Front Mounted 8 ohm, 70/100v Tap Switch with Premium Transformer For Added Flexibilit
  • Bass Enhancing Woofer Ports
  • Phoenix Connector and Conduit Lock
  • Safety Strap Connection for Seismic Events 
  • Tile bridge attachments are available
  • All Units Are UL Rated, Safety Certified

By far the boldest loudspeaker available at its price point, the new Professional Collection Pendant Speakers provide superior bass and dispersion in an ultra-modern enclosure. The secret is its rear-facing tuned bass radiator, which virtually doubles the cabinet size when it comes to low-end reproduction.

The Pendant Speakers share the same premium transformers and silk DPSD™ tweeters as the Commercial Collection, ensuring a smooth, consistent sonic signature for all installs, regardless of style or placement. They come standard in black and white, with three woofer/tweeter compliments and one subwoofer.

origin acoustics

Commercial Pendant Collection Features:

  • DPSD™ & Multi-Motion Pivoting Tweete
  • Front Mounted 8 ohm, 70/100v Tap Switch with Premium Transformer For Added Flexibilit
  • Phoenix Connector
  • Industry Standard Gripple Cable Suspension
  • Recessed Suspension Point
  • Modern Aesthetic Styling
  • Unique Rear Bass-Driving Passive Radiator
  • All Units Are UL Rated, Safety Certified

The new collection includes three sizes and models, the PP50, PP60 and PP80. A new Pendant PPSUB8 Subwoofer with an 8-in. IMPP woofer, 8 Ohm or 70V (120W-15W) and 200 Watts of power is announced with an expected 2nd quarter 2022 delivery date.  

“We are excited to begin shipping our new Professional In-Ceiling and Pendant Collection. It has been a long time coming with the COVID-19 issues and shipment delays,” says Nick Berry, CEO of Origin Acoustics.  “These new models are a home run with their modern non-intrusive styling and powerful performance.”