Orro, creators of the professional-grade Orro Smart Living System and human-centric light switches, today announced the addition of its first manufacturer representatives: C&E Marketing, Elite3 Pro and Paul Collins Group. Amid strong pro-channel demand, a new pilot program extends the capabilities of the company’s internal sales and support teams for professional dealers, integrators, distributors and builders—all of which say they’re looking to incorporate Orro in more ways and into more projects.

Paul Collins Group covers markets in Northern and Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii, while Elite3 Pro supports customers across Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. C&E Marketing serves customers across Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi.

“Each of these professional sales reps not only adds another layer of accessibility for sales and support, but expertise to help our customers get the best and most deeply integrated experiences possible,” says Orro’s head of channel development Patrick Gall (PG). “With broad knowledge spanning smart home technologies and systems, these new representatives have a big picture view for how Orro can add value to any project.”

As a unified, Smart Living System in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch, Orro’s revolutionary switches reshape how homeowners experience and interact with lighting and other smart home devices, while unlocking new revenue opportunities for home builders and integrators. By using their powerful built-in sensors to detect motion, sound and ambient light, Orro One Pro and Orro S switches respond with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting based on homeowners’ habits and preferences. Meanwhile, popular smart home products integrate with the company’s Orro One Pro for room-by-room touchscreen, voice and smartphone-based controls and monitoring.

“Our company strives to work with manufacturers that are industry visionaries and technology innovators, and Orro matches that profile perfectly,” says Dale Pugh, president of Elite3 Pro. “I feel Orro aligns with our company mission to help our custom integrators enhance their integration capabilities, improve their overall business success and strengthen their industry trade relationships with home builders, architects, and interior designers.”

New representatives also noted the design qualities of Orro One Pro and Orro S Pro switches.

“In addition to seeking out the finest brands and best technologies to recommend to our clients, we also place an emphasis on design,” said Michael Sajecki,, Principal of C&E Marketing. “Orro not only enhances the home lifestyle with smart home controls and human-centric lighting, but it does so in a way that blends seamlessly with the best interior designs.”

To learn more about Orro features and solutions for professional home builders, electricians and installers, visit: https://GetOrro.com/pro