Latest Integration Blends Controls for Natural and Artificial Lighting Through a Touchscreen- and Voice-Enabled Light Switch

Orro, creator of the professional-grade Orro Smart Living System, today unveiled its first integration for powered window treatments. With touchscreen and voice-enable controls for most smart home devices and brands, the company’s Orro One Pro now allows users to raise and lower Hunter Douglas brand motorized blinds, as well as activate Hunter Douglas scenes.

“With the advent of powered and automated shades, it’s only logical that controls for lighting and window treatments become a cohesive system,” says Orro’s CEO Colin Billings. “By integrating with Hunter Douglas, our Orro One Pro switch provides control over both artificial and natural lighting in the most convenient and top-of-mind location—a light switch.”

As a unified, Smart Living System in the form factor of a standard-sized light switch, Orro’s revolutionary product reshapes how homeowners experience and interact with lighting and other smart home devices and systems. By using their powerful built-in sensors to detect motion, sound and ambient light, Orro One Pro and Orro S switches respond with the perfect amount of light, while learning and adapting based on homeowners’ habits and preferences. In addition to controlling powered Hunter Douglas window treatments, as homeowners raise and lower shades or blinds to adjust natural daylighting, Orro automatically responds to those changes, adding just the right amount of artificial light. The results include healthier, human-centric lighting that supports natural circadian rhythms, while reducing lighting usage by up to 80%.

“By controlling both artificial and natural lighting from a single switch, Hunter Douglas customers now have the ability to blend the two exactly how they see fit,” says Scott Stephenson, senior director of product, global motorization, for Hunter Douglas Inc. “But this is just the beginning, as we see endless possibilities in the marriage of technologies like Orro and our world class, powered window treatments.”

Attendees of this year’s CEDIA Expo are invited to experience Orro’s latest integrations firsthand, along with Orro One Pro and the company’s new Orro S switch. Both will be on display September 29 – October 1, in booth 1035.