Panasonic has announced the new WhisperAir Repair spot air purifier. The device is a compact ceiling-mount air purifier that is maintenance-free and easy to install with no ductwork required. The WhisperAir Repair is lightweight and designed to keep indoor air clean and fresh.

Whether updating old ventilation fans, remodeling entire spaces or building new construction, the new air purification technology increases ventilation efficiencies for a variety of spaces. The device is ideal for light commercial applications such as in hotels, educational facilities, elevators, subways, restaurants and other public spaces, as well asresidential applications such as bedrooms, walk in closets, powder rooms, mud rooms and pet areas.

The WhisperAir Repair air purifier utilizes Panasonic’s patented nanoeX technology, previously available only in Panasonic’s heating and cooling systems. nanoeX technology helps to improve occupant health through the use of reactive molecules that purify contaminated air, inhibiting the spread of airborne pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen and other substances. nanoeX technology also helps to maintain skin moisture and deodorizes contaminated air.

The WhisperAir Repair is energy efficient, self-contained and maintenance-free with no filters to change. Built-in clips hold the unit firmly onto sheetrock or ceiling tiles with no clunky brackets required. The product is CARB Certified to comply with ozone emission limits, and certified by Intertek.

“People are becoming more aware of how indoor air quality can affect their personal health,” said Don West, Product Manager for Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. “We truly believe the air you breathe should be as pure as possible. The new WhisperAir Repair, which uses our exclusive nanoeX air purification technology to purify contaminated air, helps to ensure a level of healthy air needed to maintain healthy living.”