Petra Industries hosted its 21st annual Petra Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament and Texas Hold’em Tournament last week. More than 140 golfers hit the course for the Oct. 3 outing and raised a whopping $120,000 for two charities: Whiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied.

Whiz Kids of Oklahoma is a non-profit that supports schools, churches, and community partners with a special focus on children who are facing difficulties in school. Mercy Multiplied, an international nonprofit Christian organization, offers aid to young women struggling with various “life controlling” issues such as eating disorders, depression, self-harm, abuse issues, and drug and alcohol addictions.

Petra Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament
Michael Donaghy, John Hopkins, Damon Shanahan, and Steve Lawson accept their first-place trophies at the 21st annual Petra Hope In One Charity Golf Tournament.

“Each year Hope In One is more impactful and impressive than the last,” said Petra President Tate Morgan. “I’d like to thank our vendor partners for their generous support of both this year’s tournament and of Petra throughout the year. Giving back to the community is the cornerstone of any successful business, and I’m thankful for the dedication of our vendor partners who help make that happen.”

After the tournament wrapped up at the Oak Tree Country Club, Petra Industries presented the earnings to representatives from both charities during an awards luncheon. Whiz Kids of Oklahoma and Mercy Multiplied were both presented with $60,000 to put towards their causes.

“Every year, we’re excited to see how Hope In One continues to impact our community, and beyond. Through Hope In One we are able to come together to serve a higher purpose, and it continues to thrill and humble me that we’ve seen another successful year that will impact the lives of those today and for generations to come,” said Petra Founder and CEO Bill Stewart.

Over the course of its decades-long run, Hope in One has raised more than $1 million for charity—almost a quarter of which was earned in the past two years alone. Both charities were overjoyed with the generous donation this year.

“We could not do what we do without the selfless support of people like you all in this room. You all are our Mercy family,” said Lauren Hobar, Director of Fundraising for Mercy Multiplied. “You guys are truly making a way for more young women to find freedom.”