Petra Industries, consumer technology and wholesale electronics distributor, has announced the addition of DoorJammer’s award-winning line of unique door-barring products to its security products category.

DoorJammer products are mechanical, go-anywhere, no-hassle door barricades that don’t need a fitting tool or door modification. And unlike smart product solutions or extra locks, they are unhackable, un-pickable, and temporary—plus no batteries or keys are required. They are ideal for anyone who needs peace of mind for a short period of time.

“The DoorJammer product line is an excellent addition to our mix of door locks, security cameras, and personal alarms,” said Tate Morgan, Petra President. “They are unlike anything we carry and add a temporary extra layer of security that will be appreciated by many. Anyone currently selling home security products or security devices that can be used in institutional settings will want to carry DoorJammer.”

Designed for use on inward-opening doors with a minimum floor clearance of 1/8 in., both sizes of DoorJammers are placed on the floor directly below the door handle and install in seconds. They use an ingenious system of hinges and angles to convert the horizontal force from someone on the outside trying to push the door open to a vertical force that plants the device firmly against the floor.

For more information about the DoorJammer product line, click here