Planar, a global leader in visualization technology, today announced the Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100, the latest addition to the Planar Lifestyle Displays family. The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is a 100-inch LCD display featuring 700-nit brightness, a wide color gamut perfect for High Dynamic Range (HDR) content and advanced video processing capabilities. Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 delivers superior image performance for a variety of luxury environments, including media rooms, studios and workspaces as well as hospitality and entertainment venues. 

The release of Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 introduces a global first: a 100-inch commercial-grade, 24×7 LCD display that allows users to showcase 4K HDR content with high brightness and a slim installation profile that is compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

“The launch of Planar Lifestyle Displays was met with enthusiasm, and reinforced the interest in LED and LCD displays designed to deliver superior viewing experiences in a variety of challenging environments,” said Executive Vice President Adam Schmidt. “In addition to high brightness and HDR compatibility, Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 represents many of the reasons customers continually choose Planar: superior visual performance, enhanced durability, 24×7 reliability and unparalleled service. We’re thrilled to now offer our customers even more capabilities to optimize their viewing environments and visual experiences.”

With the ultra-thin Planar Profile Mounting System included, Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 installs simply and slimly, keeping the display close to the wall while remaining completely front-serviceable. In addition, users can view multiple sources simultaneously in picture-in-picture, dual, triple or quad layouts as a result of built-in Planar® MediaPlex Plus processing.

The Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 also offers customers a model featuring ruggedized Planar® ERO-LCD (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) protective glass. Planar ERO-LCD technology is an optically-bonded glass front protecting the LCD display from damage while also improving perceived contrast to provide viewers with the highest quality visual experience. 

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 LCD displays include a three-year warranty and optional Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 Service Plan, which includes on-site service performed by Planar’s Technical Services to add another level of assurance.

Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 LCD displays are also compliant with the Trade Agreement Act (TAA). Planar Luxe UltraRes X 100 is designed and manufactured in the United States, and serviced by Planar’s elite, in-house network of field service technicians, enabling unrivaled on- site installation, service and support capabilities.