“A Landscape of Change: Charting New Territory in the Custom Installation Industry,” a white paper just released by the PowerHouse Alliance distributor group, outlines key product trends, emerging technologies, and predictions for 2021 as reported by the 11 distributor members who, combined, have over 55 locations across the U.S.

The data curated, according to a synopsis offered by the group, provides a picture of the custom installation industry and its trends and offers dealers key insights on how they can continue to capitalize on the rapid changes the industry is seeing; it includes a 2020 product analysis and 2021 projections. A key revelation within the data from the members shows over 200 percent networking sales growth, as dealers adjust to new top-selling categories.

The PowerHouse Alliance white paper

“Dealers have been on the front line of home technology as this industry was reshaped this year. With a bird’s-eye view of trends and transformations through our 55 distributor locations across the country, the PowerHouse Alliance distributor members adjusted to provide unparalleled support dealers over the last year,” said PowerHouse Alliance Executive Director Dennis Holzer in the announcement release. “To put together this white paper, we surveyed the group and analyzed our sales data from the start of the year through the end of 2020 to chart the industry’s evolution and compile our projections for 2021.”

The white paper outlines various data points in key product categories; this year, 85 percent of PowerHouse Alliance distributor members ranked the TV/display as one of the top-selling categories in Q2 2020, followed by audio and networking. Through the year, homeowners’ new needs for working and learning at home changed demand, shifting the top-selling product categories across the country. The growth of the networking product category began prior to the pandemic, as more homes were adopting smart home devices and choosing streaming services for entertainment. Then, as working and learning at home became the norm, demand from homeowners increased for better networking systems: The PowerHouse Alliance reports over 200 percent growth in networking sales through 2020. Members expect this trend to continue into 2021 due to the pandemic.

With the rapid changes to top-selling products, the data from members shows that dealers adjusted to take on new categories through the year. The white paper details the findings from the distributor members and shares insights for dealers to take on new categories, connect with potential clients, offer upgrades, and adopt other practices to advance their business. Along with the growth in networking, audio, and display categories in 2021, the group analyzes other upcoming trends and emerging technologies that dealers should plan to take on.

“Adapting to new technologies and trends is a regular practice for most dealers, but the year ahead is different than most,” offered Holzer. “Manufacturers have done a great job at keeping up with spikes in demand, and the PowerHouse Alliance is a partner for dealers in seizing these product opportunities.”

For more information, visit: http://www.powerhousealliance.com.

(Main image: PowerHouse member Ui Supplies’ facility in Ramsey, N.J.)