PowerShades, an industry-leading provider of manual and automated window shades for residential, commercial and hospitality applications, announces that the company has moved from three separate buildings into a single, new headquarters.

The new facility more than doubles the size of the company’s previous combined footprint, and is home to all PowerShades operations, which includes production, manufacturing, warehousing, customer service, and sales. What’s more, the new facility more than quadruples PowerShades’ production footprint. This space will house an array of new machinery including welders, high-end soft cutting and tube cutting equipment, and other specialized machinery.

“With the significant growth in sales of our existing products and plans to expand our offerings over the next 6 to 12 months, this move to a new facility was truly essential. We are thrilled to be consolidating all our departments into this single new facility,” said Ryan Chacon, PowerShades president. “We are confident that our dealers and customers will begin to immediately reap the benefits of our exciting new workspace and capabilities.”

Chacon pointed to order fulfillment as an area where PowerShades customers should experience improvement. “We now have four or five times more storage for raw materials, and we built specialized racks to accommodate our constantly growing stock of specialized custom fabrics,” he said. “We will have more fabrics in stock and ready to utilize, including less-common fabrics. We expect this expanded inventory to lead to faster order delivery.”

PowerShades is already in the process of hiring additional personnel who will have offices in the new space, including new regional sales managers and new quality assurance personnel. “With all departments together in this new space, PowerShades quality managers will have oversight on every step of the process,” Chacon said. “Plus, customer service will have better communication with manufacturing, as well as direct access to shipping and receiving for improved root cause analysis.” The new facility will also help to accommodate PowerShades’ growth plans, including capacity and equipment for new window covering products being launched in the near future as the company continues to innovate and expand the category.