PowerShades, an industry-leading provider of manual and automated window shades for residential, commercial and hospitality applications, announces that the company’s complete range of AC and DC powered, RF, solar powered and True PoE motorized shades can now be integrated with the Crestron Home® OS Operating System.

PowerShades offers indoor and outdoor motorized roller shades with a broad range of customization and automation options. Their automation features include setting scenes and schedules, voice control, cloud-based connectivity, mobile app control and more. All of these features can be set up with their company’s intuitive PowerShades Dashboard.

Crestron, a global leader in home automation, introduced the Crestron Home® OS to make the home more secure, comfortable and convenient. With this one intelligent platform, the homeowner can easily orchestrate their home’s environment, from lighting and acoustics to temperature and entertainment, as well as how their home interacts with the outside world to create an oasis that enhances their life.

“We are thrilled that PowerShades motorized shades can now be integrated into the Crestron Home,” said Ryan Chacon, PowerShades president. “Crestron has been an innovation leader in the smart home category for many years. We are excited to be a part of a system that is the choice of so many homeowners looking for all the comfort, convenience and control that a smart home can provide.”


PowerShades is a leading provider of customized, manual and automated window coverings for residential, commercial and hospitality applications that are easy to install, integrate, operate and maintain. Company founders Jason Turner and Ryan Chacon bring over 50 years of combined experience in furniture automation and product innovation and development to this market. PowerShades offers the industry’s first and only TruePoE automated roller shade. PowerShades offerings include indoor and outdoor window coverings with a wide range of operating methods, including AC and DC powered, RF, solar powered, and the True PoE solution. PowerShades products are sold through distributors and representatives throughout the U.S. and Canada. Visit PowerShades at www.powershades.com.