PPDS has unveiled the highly anticipated Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series at InfoComm 2023. These new dvLED displays feature a 0.95 pixel pitch, support 12-bit colors and HDR10+ resolution, and deliver crystal clear content with exceptional color accuracy and brightness. With a focus on energy efficiency, the 6300 Series reduces power consumption and heat emissions, making it an ideal choice for 24/7 environments in retail, corporate, control rooms, and luxury homes.

The Philips 6300 Series showcases the latest innovations in display technology, hardware design, and dedicated software, offering seamless installations and unparalleled visual experiences. With impressive color accuracy, deep black contrast, and a brightness uniformity of up to 97 percent, these displays bring content to life with remarkable detail and clarity. They support HDR10+ resolution, providing higher contrast and enhanced detail in both bright and dark scenes.

The Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series is not only visually impressive but also energy-efficient. It reduces power consumption by 25 percent compared to conventional dvLED models, thanks to its common cathode LEDs and power-saving features. The displays include Active Health Monitoring for proactive fault detection, and they automatically power down when not in use to reduce energy usage and extend the lifespan of each LED panel. With its focus on high performance, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, PPDS has introduced a cutting-edge solution that sets new standards in the market.