RoseWater Energy Group, who provides the Hub, a complete solution to clean energy, power conditioning, surge protection, solar battery storage, home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems, is delighted to celebrate their 10th anniversary with integrators and press attendees at CEDIA Expo. 

The reception will be held in RoseWater Energy’s booth 8009 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas on Thursday, September 29 from 3 pm to 5 pm. Attendees will be served beer and a celebration indulgence.  

At the show, RoseWater Energy will display the SB20 Energy Management and Storage Hub and discuss several accessories including the SBX10 Solar Box for solar panel integration, harmonic distortion filters to isolate panel noise and eliminate cross channel feedback, and invertor dust covers to protect against dirt and debris.

“We’re so excited to be back at CEDIA Expo with our integration community to celebrate this milestone anniversary,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO and managing partner of RoseWater Energy. “It’s been a wild ride over the past decade, and I’m thrilled to see how the energy management category is growing and becoming an imperative in custom installations. Integrators can no longer ignore the devastating effects that inconsistent power quality creates in electronics and still meet the demand of their luxury clients.”

Listen to Joe Piccirilli and Mario Bottero discuss the first ten year of RoseWater Energy on The Next Generation of Energy podcast. It’s also available on Spotify and iTunes.

Visit RoseWater Energy at CEDIA Expo booth 8009 to learn more about the benefits of clean power for you and your client. Connect with RoseWater Energy Group on Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn.