High product demand brings new east coast facility online with additional production capabilities

RoseWater Energy Group is delighted to announce the release of the new Hub40 Energy Management Hub. The new Hub40, with a side-by-side configuration, is now available to integrators for clean power and protection from power anomalies in large luxury residential projects with extensive sophisticated electronics investments. Networks, security, control systems, lighting, shades, AV systems and any microprocessor-driven appliance or accessory will perform optimally and last longer when it receives continuous clean power

The new Hub40 sports 40 kW of continuous power and like the Hub20 (previously call the SB20 Hub), is a complete solution for clean energy, power conditioning, surge and lightning protection, solar battery storage, home battery backup with remote monitoring and redundant industrial-grade systems

“The new Hub40 will be manufactured at our second production facility in Suwannee, Georgia by Alpha Technology. Alpha Technology products are considered the gold standard in industrial solutions for power products like our Hubs,” said Joe Piccirilli, CEO and Founder of RoseWater Energy. “We’re happy to extend our partnership with them so we can bring this level of quality of product to the residential market for our dealers and their luxury clients. With the Bellingham, Washington location and now the new production facility in Suwannee, we are now poised to meet the demand of the marketplace.” 

“We are pleased to add the RoseWater Energy products to our production capabilities here in Suwannee. The additional production line will help us keep up with the increasing demand for those products,” said Max Guenther, Director of Operations at Alpha Technology. “We have started production on the new Hub40 and will soon begin production of the Hub20 in our facility.”

The Hub40 with 40 kW of continuous power output, double the continuous power output of the original Hub20, gives integrators more critical load capacity, longer backup capabilities, and installation flexibility with 52” high cabinets in the side-by-side configuration. Solar integration and supplementary battery storage is also available by adding additional battery cabinets. 

“The two-piece Hub gives integrators installation location flexibility that they need in many retrofit projects. The weight load can now be disbursed to allow for use in many applications that are not on the main floor,” continued Joe Piccirilli, CEO and Founder of RoseWater. “And we’re finding that more homeowners are expanding their critical loads beyond the basics and the Hub40 can support that demand.”

The RoseWater Hubs are designed to provide true Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) functionality with zero transfer time, energy storage for back up, and the ability to harness excess solar power for self-consumption. When AC input is available, AC power is converted to DC, which is then converted back to AC for use in the critical load panel. When AC input is unavailable, DC battery power is converted to AC with zero transfer time. An intelligent controller module decides when to draw power, and how much power to draw from the AC or DC source. During AC input brownout condition, output power is supplemented by battery power. 

Actual power requirements for a project are determined when RoseWater works with the integrator and client to create the Power Plan™ specific to their project. The 2-piece Hub consists of an electronics cabinet with inverters and the Cordex display along with the battery cabinet for energy storage needs. 

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