SaaviHome has unveiled its innovative franchise business model, marking a significant step in the realm of smart home technology integration. As a leader in custom installation, SaaviHome offers entrepreneurs a compelling opportunity to venture into the growing smart home tech and light commercial markets. The franchise program, built on SaaviHome’s proven success formula, equips franchisees with comprehensive technology training, robust marketing support, and access to an extensive resource network.

President and Founder of SaaviHome, Gavin Lantzy.

Gavin Lantzy, President and Founder of SaaviHome, highlighted the company’s history of solving home technology challenges and its commitment to sharing that expertise. The franchise model is backed by streamlined workflows, competitive pricing, and substantial support, positioning franchisees to tap into the lucrative demand of the home integration market.

With a strategic eye on the integrated home market’s remarkable worth of $20.1 billion in the U.S., SaaviHome’s franchise offering presents a low initial investment with high-profit potential. Operating within the same systems and processes that led to their own 300% growth since 2020, SaaviHome invites aspiring franchisees in the Mountain West region—Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona—to join their success story.