In response to the fever pitch of consumer excitement over automation technologies, leading New York City electronics integrator Sakab Designs has opened a multilevel technology experience center that demonstrates the full power and capabilities of the latest home and office automation tools from Nortek Security & Control including solutions from ELAN®, Linear®, 2GIG®, Xantech® and Panamax®.

According to Sakab Designs owner Jeff Sakkal, the new showroom offers home and business owners a taste of what’s possible when they invest in an established automation system that seamlessly ties together everything from lights to door locks to multi-room audio and video.

“We wanted to give local home and business owners a real-life experience that shows how the latest technologies can simplify and improve everyday tasks,” Sakkal explained. “The two-floor experience center uses the robust ELAN control system to demonstrate nearly every possible facet of home automation. The main floor shows the system’s residential benefits through zones that include a living room, game room, kitchen and backyard, while the possibilities for businesses are demoed in the second-floor conference room, office space and reception area.”

Sakkal noted that while automation technologies have reached mainstream status in large part due to the introduction of piecemeal DIY solutions, a fully developed family of products, such as that offered by Nortek Security & Control, provides a desirable, seamless user experience along with greater flexibility and power.

To be sure, the capabilities exhibited in Sakab Designs’ experience center are more advanced and far-reaching than most consumers are familiar with. For example, motion sensors form a core part of the 2GIG GC3 security system, and can be programmed to trigger event maps that drive automatic actions in other systems such as lights or motorized door locks. Visitors can also witness the value of innovative security products like 2GIG’s Stove and Grill Guard Sensor that sends mobile alerts if an oven or stove is left on accidentally.

The top floor specifically targets business customers with technologies such as Linear Access Control products that enable highly specialized functions for building and room entry systems. Among the highlights are three doors with electronic locks connected to Linear keypads on the outside and “push to exit” buttons on the inside. The doors are also special by themselves, featuring electrified glass windows that automatically change from clear to frosted when the door locks.

The experience center is powered by a single ELAN gSC10 system controller and includes two ELAN S1616A multi-zone audio/video controllers. A total of 10 ELAN touchpanels show the benefits of different sizes and locations, while ELAN cameras and video storage, speakers, thermostats and doorbells highlight the broad range of in-house products available. Additionally, 4K HDMI extenders from Xantech and power protection and conditioning units from Panamax demonstrate further integration possibilities.

“Allowing prospective clients to see and test all the features and tools for themselves is the only way to convey just how simple and powerful modern control can be,” Sakkal said. “We chose to focus on the Nortek Security & Control family of products because they offer the best combination of affordability, vast product support and simple user operation that are crucial to providing a seamless experience of total home or office control.”