Savant Systems, Inc., a leader in smart home and smart power, has announced the addition of Zonna Energy and as US distributors for their category-defining Savant Power System energy management solutions. Zonna Energy and join Soligent Distribution, WAVE Electronics and Supplied Energy as part of Savant’s growing distribution network. 

Savant is excited to expand our brand reach across the US through partnerships with Zonna Energy and,” said JC Murphy, President of Savant. “Homeowners are showing a marked increase in demand for, not only renewable energy sources, but also load monitoring, management, and integrated storage solutions. Both Zonna Energy and understand and deliver top-notch solutions and support.”

“The team here at Zonna Energy is excited to add the Savant Power System to our carefully curated mix of products,” stated Matthew Smucker, CEO of Zonna Energy. “We are confident that Savant is the right partner to address an increase in demand for smart power solutions.”

Founded in 2008 and based in Houston, Texas, offers online sales as an authorized direct distributor for well-known brands in solar energy, wind power, and portable power. Entering the energy business as a solar installation specialist, Stellavolta expanded to include the sales of solar power system parts. Today, Stellavolta is one of the most recognized distributors and online sellers of solar and wind power products.

“The solar energy industry is a rapidly advancing industry and today people are looking for more than just solar panels on their roof,” explained Frank E, Molina, CEO Founder of Stellavolta. “They want convenience, attractive designs, data, ease-of-use, which is where I believe Savant will help fill that demand.”

Savant Power Systems: A Bold Approach to Smart Energy

The Savant Power System is the ultimate energy management solution engineered for consumers, home builders, businesses, and utility companies. Savant’s advanced automated software platform and intuitive app-based user experience make it easy to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising comfort and convenience. By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generator control, and flexible load management, the Savant Power System delivers complete control of energy assets plus the security of grid independence. This intelligent solution enables consumers to seamlessly shift between on-grid power and battery/generator power, with built-in energy insights, quick-view dashboards, and automated energy modes.