Savant Systems, a global leader in smart home and energy solutions, has launched the Savant Power Storage, an energy storage system (ESS) designed to combat rising energy costs and provide power during outages. The system features an integrated inverter and LFP battery system, intelligent software for optimized power management, and flexible load management. The introductory product, Savant Power Storage 20, is priced at $19,500 MSRP with a 10-year warranty and is eligible for tax credits and government subsidies. Customers can order through savant’s website for a free smart home consultation and will be connected with local installers, with shipping starting in the third quarter of 2023.

The Savant Power Storage offers scalable storage capacity and a compact design, reducing installation time and costs. It can be operated as a standalone system or integrated into the comprehensive Savant Power System, which combines energy generation, battery storage, generator control, flexible load management, and EV charging. Savant’s user-friendly app allows for easy monitoring, control, and automation of energy consumption, maximizing efficiency and cost savings. The system integrates seamlessly with Savant’s extensive portfolio of lighting, entertainment, security, and comfort solutions, providing a complete and energy-efficient smart home or building tailored to individual needs.